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CATHY Manuan Medicated Hand Treatment cream

CATHY Manuan Medicated Hand Treatment cream

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Discover the trusted heritage of Manuan's skincare series, which has been enhancing skin health for an impressive 45 years. With a rich history of expertise and dedication to skincare, the Manuan brand has perfected its formulations through decades of research and innovation, ensuring that each product is time-tested and reliable.

Manuan Medicated Hand Treatment cream provides you with an ultimate care for your dry, troubled, and sensitive hand skin. This cream is designed to provide deep hydration, soothing relief, and a protective barrier for hands that need extra attention.

Targeted Skin Benefits

  • Dry and Problematic Skin: Whether you're dealing with dryness, skin problems, or issues related to atopic dermatitis and allergies, this cream is formulated to address them all.

  • Restorative Action: Manuan's unique formula aids in the recovery of damaged hand skin and helps maintain the healing effects, ensuring your hands remain at their best.

  • Protection for Wet Work: the cream shields your hands against moisture, making it a valuable companion for various tasks.

  • Allergy-Friendly: Suitable for individuals with allergies and those prone to atopic dermatitis, it's a versatile solution that can even be applied during inflammatory periods.

  • Child-Friendly: Gentle enough for children, it's perfect for the whole family.\

Manuan incorporates retinol palmitate, vitamin E and A, and ammonium glycyrrhizate, ingredients renowned for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties, ensuring your skin gets the care it deserves.

The inclusion of lanolin enhances the cream's moisturizing power, helping to combat dryness and prevent cracks.

The natural green hue of the cream comes from chlorophyllin, a safe and natural colorant that also serves as a deodorizing agent.

The cream can be used for the whole body.

Volume: 83 g

Active Ingredients: Tocopherol Acetate, Vitamin A Ammonium Palmitate Glycyrrhizinate

Other Ingredients: Isoflopyl Palmitate, Cetyl Palmitate, Adsorbed Purified Lanolin, B. G. Concentrated Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, S. E. Chrycerin Stearate, POE Sorpitan Stearate, Corn Oil, Dimethicone, TEA, BHT, Natural Vitamin E, Copper Chlorophyllin Na, paraben.

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