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AXXZIA Mate For Face

AXXZIA Mate For Face

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Driven by the desire for more people to incorporate facial care devices into their daily skincare routines, AXXZIA has developed the new-generation facial device "AXXZIA MATE FOR FACE," which combines an easy to operate design with professional-grade features. This device elevates the skin's natural beauty potential to a new dimension.

This professional-grade facial device consolidates seven functions (ultrasonic lymphatic drainage, -/+ ion, EMS, RF, blue and red LED) into four modes, addressing various skin concerns from preventing skin irritation, improving penetration of skincare ingredients (up to the stratum corneum), enhancing firmness, to providing lifting and wrinkle care.

The stainless steel body features a durable and neutral design. 

Modes & Functions:

Mode 1: Cleanse

  • Functions: Ultrasonic lymphatic drainage + ion extraction + blue LED light

Ultrasonic lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness. The blue LED light improves skin condition and soothes irritation, while positive ions (ion extraction) pull impurities out of the pores. 

Mode 2: Absorb

  • Functions: Ultrasonic lymphatic drainage + ion introduction

Negative ions enhance skin's absorption ability and make cosmetic ingredients penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum, providing deep nourishment. Effectively locks the nutrients and moisture in the skin.

Mode 3: Firm

  • Functions: Ultrasonic lymphatic drainage + radiofrequency (RF) + red LED light

The red LED light strengthens the skin's natural barrier. Radio frequencies (RF) penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum, making the skin firm and elastic.

Dimensions: 181 mm × 46.5 mm × 40.2 mm

Weight: 250 g

Battery: Lithium-ion battery

Input Voltage: 900 mAh 3.7 V


  • Device
  • Charging stand
  • Charging cable (75 cm)
  • Adapter (suitable only for Japanese outlets, an adapter for your country's outlet is not included)
  • User manual

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