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AFC Chrysanthemum Flower (Lutelion) Premium

AFC Chrysanthemum Flower (Lutelion) Premium

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Chrysanthemum Flower (Luteolin) Premium is a meticulously crafted supplement aimed at regulating uric acid levels. Each recommended daily serving contains 10 mg of Luteolin, a potent bioactive compound renowned for its uric acid regulating properties. This product is ideal for individuals mindful of their uric acid levels, especially those unable to avoid purines in their diet.


    Designed to regulate and reduce uric acid levels, particularly beneficial for men with heightened concentrations or moderately elevated levels (5.5mg/dL to just under 7.0mg/dL).

    Key Features:

    • Contains 10 mg of Luteolin per serving.
    • Specifically formulated for men with heightened uric acid levels.
    • Derived from chrysanthemum flower extract.
    • Inhibits the enzyme "xanthine oxidase," responsible for uric acid production during purine breakdown in the liver.


    • Individuals with medical conditions or pregnant/nursing women should consult a healthcare professional before using this supplement.
    • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Additional Recommendations: Aside from dietary adjustments and moderate exercise, ensuring adequate hydration and stress management are pivotal for managing uric acid levels. Combining these lifestyle choices with the incorporation of Luteolin through supplements can provide comprehensive support for maintaining healthy uric acid levels and preempting symptoms associated with elevated levels.

    Contents: 14 capsules.

    *Before use it is recommended to consult a doctor.

    Product ingredients

    Chrysanthemum Extract (Chrysanthemum Extract, Dextrin) (Domestic Production),Dextrin/Gelatin,Colorants (Caramel, Titanium Dioxide)

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