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AFC Ceramide Premium Supplement for skin health

AFC Ceramide Premium Supplement for skin health

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AFC Ceramide Premium Supplement contains glucosylceramide (a type of ceramides) derived from pineapple.

Glucosylceramide plays a pivotal role in cell membrane dynamics, impacting cell division, growth, and the natural processes of skin cell turnover.

Ceramides are essential for preserving skin moisture, staving off aging, and maintaining crucial cellular and barrier functions.

As ceramide levels decline after age 35, both skin and hair can be adversely affected.

Pineapple-derived glucosylceramide fortifies the skin's lipid barrier, safeguarding against moisture loss, dullness, and environmental aggressors.

Internally generated ceramides integrate into the epidermal cell membrane, bolstering the stratum corneum's structure, thereby establishing a robust protective shield against aging.

One tablet contains 1.2 mg of glucosylceramide.

How to use: take 1 tablet a day after meals.

Volume: 14 tablets

*Before use it is recommended to consult a doctor

Product ingredients

dextrin (produced in Japan), maltose starch syrup, pineapple fruit extract (containing ceramide), cellulose, cyclodextrin, phosphorus, fine silicon dioxide, calcium stearate

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