How to Remove Forehead Wrinkles

How to Remove Forehead Wrinkles

Many factors can cause fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, but this doesn’t make them any easier to deal with.

People may show signs of forehead wrinkles as soon as 25 years old!

Forehead wrinkles can be due to the natural aging process or many other indirect causes that play into their formation.

It’s important to understand what forehead wrinkles are and what’s causing them in order to figure out the best method to prevent or reverse them.

For those in their 20s and 30s, prevention should be the primary focus. Though you may already see some forehead wrinkles at this age, the main goal will be to stop them from increasing as you age.

For those in their 40s, 50s, and beyond, managing the already formed wrinkles and removing them altogether is the aim.

We want your skin to look beautiful just as much as you do, so if you’re struggling with forehead wrinkles we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading and we’ll guide you through the causes and how to remove forehead wrinkles. Achieve your best skin and age beautifully with our tips, treatment, and product recommendations!

What Are Forehead Wrinkles?

woman with forehead wrinkles photo holding up two fingers

Forehead wrinkles, also known as worry lines or expression lines, are the creases in your forehead that are caused by a variety of factors.

They begin as fine lines, as most wrinkles do, but then slowly form into wrinkles.

While fine lines can be hidden with makeup, wrinkles are deeper and tend to be more noticeable when you wear makeup. Foundation leaches moisture from your skin which accentuates wrinkles.

Expression lines can appear as two or more lines in the middle of your forehead when you make an expression that moves the muscles in that region.

Otherwise called "dynamic wrinkles", it's common to see them when you’re feeling stressed and making an expression that reflects this (such as frowning).

While these may be considered forehead wrinkles, we will be focusing on those that stay even when you’re not making an expression (static wrinkles).

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles

As you age, your skin slows the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, skin oil, and elastin causing your skin to sag and wrinkle.

As for indirect causes that quicken the aging process, there are mixed opinions in the skin science community.

Some say that stress and worrying cause forehead wrinkles, while others say it’s all to do with genetics. Experts are still trying to determine the exact cause of forehead wrinkles, but we’ve got a few good ideas.


Not surprisingly, getting older is a major cause of forehead wrinkles. It’s a common and normal sign of aging, caused by both natural and environmental factors.

As we previously mentioned, your skin produces less collagen and elastin over time, with collagen being an important structural protein found in the connective tissue.

Research indicates that your collagen levels drop by 1% every year. Therefore, it’s important to keep collagen levels high as you age with products such as hydrolyzed collagen.

Moreover, hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production, so the reduction in this nutrient further reduces collagen.

Finally, your skin’s ability to produce skin oil drops as you age, this is why keeping your skin sufficiently moisturized is so important as you mature in age. 

Facial Expressions

As mentioned, expression lines can show when you’re making an expression that raises the eyebrows or pulls them together, such as being stressed.

Over time, carrying out the same facial movements can cause fine lines, which may eventually turn into deeper wrinkles.

Forehead wrinkles aren’t directly caused by facial expressions, rather they develop naturally as your skin slows nutrient production. We don’t recommend ceasing all facial expressions to get rid of forehead wrinkles!

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two emotions or mental states that may lead to expressions that could leave fine lines and wrinkles. You may not even realize that worry lines are showing.

If you’re constantly in stressful situations or suffer from anxiety, you are more susceptible to forehead wrinkles. Be sure to manage your anxiety levels by relaxing, doing breathing exercises, and taking time for breaks.

Sun Exposure

Spending time in the sun without protection from UV radiation can be harmful to your skin and contribute to premature signs of aging.

Excess sun exposure also increases your risk of skin cancer, so be sure to cover up with clothing, or wear strong sunscreen protection when spending the day outside.


Collagen is important structural tissue that keeps your skin tight and smooth. Studies show that smoking is directly linked to a reduction in collagen synthesis, finding that tobacco smokers produce types of collagen at a lower rate than non-smokers.

Hence, smoking can increase the chance of getting forehead wrinkles.


Maybe you have your parents to thank for your forehead wrinkles. Just like other aspects of your appearance, your genetics play a role in your likelihood of developing forehead wrinkles. Don’t stress if you’ve been passed this trait, we’ve got solutions for you!

Other Causes

Forehead wrinkles can also come from factors such as alcohol consumption, poor sleep habits, or excessive use of your facial muscles. Make sure you’re getting good sleep and taking care of your body.

How to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles

Follow these recommendations to prevent the formation of future forehead wrinkles. These are the most effective ways of avoiding wrinkles and help you save money and stress in the long run. You should take care of your skin starting early for beautiful skin throughout your life.

Don’t spend too much time in the sun

As explained, excess exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can damage your skin and cause it to age prematurely, resulting in wrinkles. Limit your time in direct sunlight or take steps to protect your skin via hats, clothing, sunscreen, and staying in shade.

Quit smoking

Since smoking is associated with premature aging, people who smoke are more likely to develop facial wrinkles at an earlier age. It’s crucial to stop smoking if you do, for the health of your skin and the rest of your body. You’ll thank yourself when you’re older.

Limit alcohol consumption

Similar to smoking, alcohol consumption is also linked to premature skin aging and the development of wrinkles. Drinking often is also associated with other behaviors that are linked to skin aging, such as poor sleep. Try to limit your drinks per day down to one for women and two for men.

Avoid skin care products that irritate your skin

Certain products may irritate and dry out your skin due to chemicals or ingredients in the formula. Check the ingredients before using, and check with a skin professional or doctor to make sure it’s an okay product to use. If you notice skin irritation, stop using the product and switch to a gentler one.

Moisturize your skin daily

Moisturizing your skin is important to keep a hydrated and smooth appearance. The water kept in your skin maintains a fresh, youthful look and can prevent wrinkles. Especially focus on areas of your skin where you have visible wrinkles and fine lines.

Try red light therapy

There are numerous studies emerging on the anti-aging benefits of red and near-infrared light. This technology stimulates your mitochondria (the stuff that powers your cells), which in turn stimulates collagen production and reduction of wrinkles. 

Other recommendations 

There are other lifestyle changes you can make to prevent wrinkles along with the list we’ve provided. Getting sufficient sleep and drinking plenty of water are both important to keeping yourself healthy and your skin wrinkle-free.

How to Remove Forehead Wrinkles

There are many great ways to remove forehead wrinkles, including at-home treatments or medical or professional help. As with any skin condition there are many different theories on which treatment works best, or which remedy is the end-all cure. But everyone’s skin is different so what may work for you may not work for another. Try out these different treatments based on your skin type.


woman talking to doctor

There are many medications, including over-the-counter and prescription medications, all designed to treat forehead wrinkles. One of the most popular and effective medications for wrinkles is tretinoin, a topical retinoid.

Tretinoin is sold as a cream, gel, or solution. It increases the speed at which your body produces new skin cells. Multiple studies have proved that tretinoin improves fine lines and surface texture after only four weeks of treatment.

You can also use over-the-counter products that contain retinol, retinal, polypeptides, Argireline, antioxidants, and other ingredients for fine lines and moderate wrinkles.

These products usually aren’t powerful enough to treat deeper wrinkles though. Consult a doctor for stronger medications that can be used to treat wrinkles. They can provide stronger options or give recommendations for the best prescription creams.

Surgical Procedures

There are quite a few surgical procedures to treat forehead wrinkles. Botox is a popular solution as a medication that’s injected into the skin. It works by blocking nerve signals from the brain to certain facial muscles.

Dermal fillers, which use hyaluronic acid and other substances, help reduce signs of aging in your face, including fine lines and wrinkles. Both Botox and dermal fillers will need to be redone every few months to maintain results.

Forehead lift surgery is a procedure that’s performed to repair skin that’s wrinkled and/or sagging. The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon, but this method is expensive and requires a long recovery period. 

Chemical peeling, using a high-concentration acid substance to peel away the outermost layers of the skin, as well as dermabrasion, which smooths your skin by removing the top layer, are two other methods to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead.

Recommended Products for Forehead Wrinkles

We have a few special recommendations for forehead wrinkles. These products can be used at home and are known to be effective in their ability to treat wrinkles. Save the money and time surgery requires and go with one of these products for similar results in a more natural way.

Spa Treatment Nano Lotion

The Spa Treatment Nano Lotion is a solution that penetrates deep into the skin to provide visible skin improvement quickly. Its nano formula accelerates the process of cell renewal and increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The raspberry leaf extract stimulates collagen production in the skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging. This product is perfect for those looking to treat and prevent forehead wrinkles.

 Spa Treatment Nano Lotion

Spa Treatment Nano Lotion


DIREIA Stem Intense Use Lotion

This lotion is a great product that provides many skin benefits such as fighting swelling, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, and increasing skin elasticity. The extracts used in the solution help with producing stem cells and repair the skin.

The production of elastin and collagen is important for decreasing wrinkles on the skin. Use this product to decrease wrinkles and fine lines everywhere needed.

 DIREIA Stem Intense Use Lotion

DIREIA Stem Intense Use Lotion


KYOTO KOMACHI Sakura Aging Care Lotion

This lotion is specially designed to combat signs of aging. It’s an environmentally friendly skincare product for mature skin. This lotion contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, which is a natural moisturizing agent.

The combination of ingredients stimulates regeneration processes and protects the skin from sun damage. It’s a great product for those with wrinkles and signs of aging.

KYOTO KOMACHI Sakura Aging Care Lotion


AFC vitamin complex with collagen peptide with hyaluronic acid

This great-tasting wonder supplement is much more than a collagen peptide powder. Added hyaluronic acid not only moisturizes your skin from the inside making it plump and dewy, but stimulates natural collagen production for added wrinkle-fighting benefits.

Vitamin C helps with collagen absorbtion, while vitamin A and E protect against environmental pollutants. Finally, the ingredient we love the most in this product is placenta extract which is proven to stimulate cellular renewal and repair.

 AFC vitamin complex with collagen peptide with hyaluronic acid

AFC vitamin complex with collagen peptide with hyaluronic acid


Forehead wrinkles might be a sign of cardiovascular disease

In an unpublished 2018 study, Dr Esquirol even suggests that the deeper the forehead wrinkles, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease. While this claim has yet to be substantially backed up by science, there are more studies coming up with the same conclusion. 

This study followed women 30 to 60 years old over the course of 20 years, finding that those with “minimal to no wrinkled skin” carried the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease. 

What About Eye Wrinkles?

Here we have forehead wrinkle’s cousin: eye wrinkles. Caused by many similar reasons to forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles form around your eyes.

The lines on either end of your eye are often known as “crow’s feet” and are known to be a sign of aging. Fine lines also form around your eyes as you age. 

If you are interested in learning how to get rid of under-eye wrinkles, check out this post about how to remove wrinkles from under your eyes. 

Over to You

Hopefully, the tips and information provided in this article will be of use to you in getting rid of wrinkles. Try out the recommended products or treatments to see a natural improvement in your skin within a short time. You’ll appreciate the result of having smooth, wrinkle-free skin on your forehead. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we’d be more than happy to help!

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