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Life Evolution

Life Evolution NMN1500 Lactobacillus Biogenic Green Juice

Life Evolution NMN1500 Lactobacillus Biogenic Green Juice

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Manufacturer: Life Evolution

Volume: 30 sticks of 3g each

Life Evolution NMN1500 Lactobacillus Biogenic Green Juice — A Japanese “Aojiru” drink made from carefully selected herbs grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This powder supplement supports youth and strengthens the immune system through improved digestion, and helps compensate for a diet that lacks in vegetables. Contains 5 times more dietary fiber than one serving of lettuce. 

The composition contains NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), which is produced from vitamin B3, and already present in the cells of our body. NMN is known as the "longevity gene" because it regulates sirtuin proteins responsible for aging and longevity.

Sirtuins repair DNA damage and keep you looking young & feeling healthy!

One stick contains 50 mg of NMN. The same amount of NMN is found in 150 tomatoes or 1000 broccoli florets.

NMN plays an important role in many bodily functions

• cell repair;

• cellular communications;

• Energy production.

NMN in Japanese-made Aojiru is all natural, and does not contain artificial flavors or colorings.

The composition also includes a biogenic that produces 16 types of lacto and bifidobacteria. Ordinary lactobacilli can be hard to produce and settles in the intestines, while the biogenic delivers all the useful components immediately to the digestive tract and is easily absorbed. It improves intestinal flora and maintains a balance of beneficial bacteria.

Other Key Ingredients:

Matcha Tea helps remove toxins from the body, and contains 2 times more catechins than regular green tea.

Angelica Kei (aka Ashitaba) Powder contains 5 times more vitamin E than carrots, and contains 8 times more polyphenols than Japanese pumpkin.
Aojiru has a pleasant taste that is similar to Japanese green tea.

How to use: take 1-2 sticks daily in the morning. Dissolve Aojiru in 80-100 ml of water, juice, yogurt, milk or other cold beverage. Do not add to hot beverages.

Ingredients: barley (made in Japan), maltitol, matcha tea, saza vicha (powder), maltodextrin, kale (powder), angelica kei (powder), japanese mustard (powder), biogenic, β-NMN. May contain soy.

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