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Esthe Pro Labo

Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Gran Pro

Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Gran Pro

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Introducing Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Grand Pro: Your Daily Defense Against Aggressive Environmental Influences

Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Grand Pro is a premium supplement specially formulated to support your overall health and well-being on a daily basis. This unique complex combines traditional Japanese ingredients with cutting-edge scientific research to provide you with a natural shield against aggressive environmental influences that can compromise your vitality.

Key Ingredients & Features:

+ β-Glucan from Sparassis crispa: harnesses the potent β-glucan derived from the edible mushroom Sparassis crispa. This active ingredient, known as "β1-3D glucan," has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity, empowering your body's natural defense mechanisms.

+ Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium: a renowned ingredient in traditional Japanese medicine. This mycelium is rich in bioactive compounds that contribute to overall well-being and vitality.

+ Swallow's Nest: this ingredient is valued in Japanese culture for its health-promoting properties. It contains essential amino acids, minerals, and trace elements that help nourish your body and support its optimal functioning.

+ Lactic Acid Bacteria of Plant Origin Nanotype: These beneficial bacteria play a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system and supporting your body's immune response.

Key Benefits:

+ Enhanced Immunity: The active ingredient β1-3D glucan stimulates and strengthens your immune system, empowering it to fend off potential threats. By bolstering your body's natural defenses, Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Grand Pro helps you stay healthier and more resilient against environmental challenges.

+ Increased Energy and Vitality: With regular use, this supplement helps revitalize your body, providing a sustainable source of energy and vitality. Say goodbye to feeling drained and embrace a more active and energetic lifestyle.

+ Improved Well-being: By incorporating traditional Japanese ingredients renowned for their health benefits, Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Grand Pro contributes to your overall well-being. It helps maintain a healthy balance within your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.

This scientifically crafted formula combines the best of traditional wisdom with modern research to support your health and help you thrive in an increasingly demanding world. Embrace a life of vitality and well-being with Esthe Pro Labo β-Glucan Grand Pro today!

How to use: Take 1-2 sachets a day with water.

Ingredients: IT Hanabiratake sterilized powder (manufactured in Japan), raffinose, lactic acid bacteria powder (dextrin, lactic acid bacteria), swallow's nest extract, shiitake mycelium extract, isomaltooligosaccharide, agave sugar, brown sugar, potato starch, indigestible dextrin (pineapple). fiber), reduced malt starch syrup, HPMC

Precautionary measures:

+ Make sure the product does not contain any substances you are allergic to

+ Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or undergoing medical treatment.

+ Consume as soon as possible after opening, regardless of the expiration date.

+ Keep out of the reach of children.

Volume: 30 sachets (1 month)

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