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Belulu Relax-Be EMS Neck Massager

Belulu Relax-Be EMS Neck Massager

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A brand new approach to relaxing neck strain, tension, and stiffness caused by long hours working from a computer, using a smart phone, or other neck straining activities.

Say goodbye to osteochondrosis, tension headaches and stiff neck muscles because this small elegant device will take you away to the world of relaxation in the push of a button!

It uses microcurrent stimulation with various subtle intensity settings to ensure a comfortable experience.

Microcurrents act on muscles, causing them to contract, improve blood circulation, and help muscles relax. When the device is operating, you can feel vibration with light pressure, and a slight contraction of the neck muscles. If you wish, you can even turn on additional heating for an even more relaxing experience. One procedure lasts about 15 minutes.

You can sit and relax or go about your business, at your own convenience! This device sits safely and comfortably around the neck and due to its sleek design, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!

After one session, you can already feel a tremendous relief in the neck and shoulders, and it helps you feel clear headed & refreshed. In addition, this physiotherapy method is useful for the prevention of wrinkles and ptosis due to muscle tension.

The device has 4 operating modes:

Relax, Smart, Active, Therapy, and each of the modes has its own set of rhythms and intensity which can be changed by choosing from 15 levels.

A separate button turns on the heating mode, which has 2 settings - warm and hot. A voice indicator and a light up display will help you select the mode and gives the massager a sleek, futuristic look.

The massager is suitable for anyone - busy office workers, the elderly, athletes, students, men and women. It fits into any situation: while driving, at the workplace, and of course at home when you need to relax after a hard day. Its high quality features and sleek design make it the perfect gift too!

Comes with a USB charging cable and a suede storage pouch.

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