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AXXZIA VITAL RICH ESSENCE With Retinol and α-Arbutin

AXXZIA VITAL RICH ESSENCE With Retinol and α-Arbutin

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Volume: 30 ml

Vitamin A (retinol) is one of the most essential elements of beautiful and healthy skin. VITAL RICH ESSENCE serum contains vitamin A (retinol) in the safest and most effective form known as retinyl palmitate. This form of vitamin A has the least irritating effect on the skin, is more stable, which means that the A-vitamin activity inside the epidermis will last longer.

α-Arbutin is a safe plant-based ingredient that helps to fade scars and pigmentation left behind by breakouts and sun damage and it is also known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Squalane, jojoba oil, oak bark extract and olive oil slow down the signs of aging, boost collagen production, resulting in firmer skin. 

VITAL RICH ESSENCE reduces the number and depth of fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin, evens out skin tone and protects it from pigmentation.

Suitable for oily to combination skin.

How to use: the serum is applied after cleansing the face and applying lotion. The serum can be applied topically to pigmented areas or the entire face. Recommended to apply once a day before bedtime.

Ingredients: water, BG, squalane, PEG-400, polysorbate 80, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil, DPG, α-arbutin, sodium hyaluronate, biotin, korgashi bark extract, acetylhexapeptide-8, hydroxyethylcellulose, carbomer, hydroxylated K, retinol palmitate, corn oil, tocopherol, fragrance, phenoxyethanol

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