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AXXZIA AG Theory Anti-Aging Gel Mask

AXXZIA AG Theory Anti-Aging Gel Mask

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Volume: 10 capsules 

AXXZIA AG Theory Gel Mask is one of the bestsellers from the anti-glycation series by Axxzia.

One small capsule of the mask has a rich composition and contains everything you need to protect your skin from signs of aging and glycation processes (protein sugaring processes that subsequently destroy collagen and elastin fibres).

Key ingredients: 

- vitamin C (collagen synthesis, dark spot brightening)

- horse chestnut extract (rich in saponins, flavonoids and anthocyanins, strengthens the capillaries of the dermis, protects the skin from the  damaging effects of the end products of glycation moisturizes)

- saxifrage extract (contains a natural clarifying substance - arbutin, which evens out skin tone and gives it a healthy glow)

- Plantain seed extract (eliminates various rashes and skin irritations)

How to use: the mask is applied to cleansed skin before bedtime. Open the capsule and apply its contents to the face. Spread the gel evenly. The mask does not need to be washed off, it must be completely absorbed by the skin.

Skincare step:

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